20140904_161011Dianne Phelps is a landscape/nature and dog event photographer based in the Reno/Tahoe area of northern Nevada.

Since early childhood, she has been drawn to visual arts, and as she progressed in age, photography became her preferred art form. Mostly self-taught by keen observation of the work of others and by spending hundreds of hours shooting in challenging conditions, Dianne continues to hone her photographic skills, both technically and creatively.

With equipment in tow, Dianne spends countless moments in nearby mountains, exploring the shores of Lake Tahoe by land or by kayak, or just examining nearby details in the smallest form.  And with many beautiful places within a day’s drive, she is always eager to get out and “get some more shots”. Photography is her passion and her unique vision, as well as her camera, is used as a tool to record her visual keepsakes.

Not limiting her work to just the great outdoors, Dianne also captures the special moments at dog events, competitions, portraits, stock photography, weddings, anniversaries and private photo shoots.  Recognition of her skill continues as her striking images have been seen in many publications, including Nevada Magazine, Reno Magazine, Alert Diver, Travel Nevada, Browntrout Publishers, as well as online with National Geographic and Nevada Tourism.

‘Welcome to my world of photography’… Dianne Phelps 


Member, Professional Photographers of America